Help more children find
safe and supportive

Help more children find safe and supportive homes

Ease the pressure of foster care
for social workers

Ease the pressure of foster care for social workers

Get the family recruitment solution to help more children find quality foster care families to support their healing journey.

Results Recruiting eases the burden of recruitment on social workers by providing agencies with the skills, systems and expert coaching to recruit and retain families.

Giving you more time to focus on what matters most. The kids.

How is your agency performing in
family recruitment?

Social workers have their fingers on the pulse. They know what’s working, and what’s not, at their agency. To help clarify this, the family recruitment experts at Results Recruiting have developed a custom, comprehensive assessment to help identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in family recruitment.

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Equip the team with the family
recruitment course

Family recruitment always impacts social workers, whether they have skills, experience and responsibilities in this area or not. Results Recruiting’s family recruitment eight module course is designed to equip and empower agencies and any team member with recruitment responsibilities with the training and tools to find more quality homes.

Featured modules

Crafting a

Core Recruiting


Coaching and consulting for
foster care agencies

With personalized support, you’ll find more quality foster care families and spend more time supporting children.

Led by industry leader and family recruitment expert Mike Logan, Results Recruiting provides personal coaching, guidance and training for agencies and their teams to find sustainable solutions for their family recruitment needs and challenges.



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