You can have growth of 20-30% year after year if your recruiter is at the top of their game!

Professional Recruiter Training!

Dear Reader:

This is your personal invitation to have your foster family recruiter trained by a national expert in recruiting…

Mike Logan - Leading expert in recruiting foster families

Since I started researching recruiting over 7 years ago while I was CEO of a foster family agency in California, my goal has been to teach the skills recruiters need to succeed and grow their agency. And in terms of that goal, my team and I have helped recruiters from all over the United States and Canada become successful!

We have success stories of recruiters from all backgrounds and starting points who have learned the skills, applied themselves and are now successful at contributing to the success of their agency.

Part of the “secret sauce” for this success has been how we designed the Results Recruiting Training Course.

We modeled the lessons we teach after what you would typically learn as a new recruiter being trained by the nation’s best recruiters.

And more importantly, we have modeled the Results Recruiting training after what the top recruiting agencies are doing to take their Recruiters (regardless of their background) … and turn them into professionals who produce results in record time.

We’re talking about people who previously worked in admin, transportation, or even a person who had worked at a coffee shop… they went on to be the most successful recruiters their agency had ever seen. 

Bottom line: the system works.

More importantly it creates success for Agencies amidst any barriers they might face… for example a situation like COVID-19.

Results of good training can last for years.  Investing in training now will insure you’re continuing to get results in the future.

We have modeled and field tested the latest techniques in recruiting and have taken this training to a whole new level!

For starters…

We went so far as to research every study available on recruiting.  We also interviewed top recruiting agencies.

Next, we injected our own principles into the training and field tested it…

The result is what we consider the absolute BEST training available for any agency looking to train their staff member to become a top-notch recruiter in the fastest time possible.

And it’s worked extremely well.

This field-tested solution is the reason why recruiters who have taken our training are producing such high-level results.

And even more important to you:

It’s why those who have been trained in our course are now taking something that seemed almost impossible to do and made it one of the simplest and easiest things they do.

The number #1 reason we created this course is… your recruiters are asking for it.

As I (Mike Logan) finished speaking at a national conference at McCormick Place in Chicago, I was surprised by a line of people waiting to talk to me…

Out of the 8 recruiters that were waiting, they all shared the same problem, “I’m new to recruiting and I don’t know what I’m doing!”

You would think this would be unusual, however this represents most of the comments I hear!

Listen, we are not trying to tell you that you don’t know how to recruit… however I know that you may be experiencing staleness in your recruiting. Results sometimes slow down and you take your eye off the ball! It happens to the best!

However, what Results Recruiting does is it puts everyone’s eyes on the goal and makes it easier for you to monitor the results you want!

There are a lot of good things that you’re doing but you’d likely admit that you could do better… 

You see, most agencies make 3 major mistakes!

  1. They don’t obtain training for their existing recruiters, so they can become better.


  1. They hire a young person just out of college to lead their recruiting efforts and think the young person’s energy will win the day… Sadly, it usually turns out that this incredible young person will move into another position where there is more structure.


  1. Leaders have the mindset that recruiting is very hard and they accept whatever results they can get, rather than having a strategy and really understanding how their agency can grow 20-30% a year if their recruiter is focused and well trained.

So, I want to ask you a financial question

If your recruiter could onboard 5 to 30 new families this year (of course it depends on your size) … what difference would this make to your agency?

I don’t want to be rude, but if your foster care program is responsible for 50-75% of your revenue; shouldn’t you make sure your recruiters are trained to get the best results possible?

Have you had moments of terror, asking yourself, “What will happen to my agency if our recruiting doesn’t improve?” 

I had that moment and that’s why I created this program…for you! 

Don’t quit…Learn how to get results now…

Results Recruiting will take you to the level that you want, by giving you a powerful, simple system… one that will improve what you already doing.

Recruiting is too important to be left to chance!

We can teach your recruiter to make recruiting enjoyable while at the same time getting results…

I want to see recruiters, “Make the hardest thing they do, the easiest thing they do.”

Like Vivianna, a new recruiter from an Agency in California…

Before becoming a recruiter, she had no experience in recruitment.

Then through Results Recruiting training she was able to turn recruiting around for her Agency and can recruit with confidence:

I was completely new to the job, the position, the agency and even recruitment in general. This course really helped me learn about all the different aspects of recruiting. And this year since I've been there, we've approved 6 families already. And we're only in April. We approved 3 families last year total. So, we've already been able to double the families that we approved from last year. So definitely the skills I learned in this course have helped me get those results.
Vivianna M.

And one of the most surprising notes we’ve received was from Sarah.

She had been doing recruiting for a few years and was skeptical that she’d learn anything when her boss signed her up to take this course.

I was very skeptical at first. And so I came in with a mindset of, well, I think we're already doing all these things, but I'll just listen because my boss wants me to take this course. And I was served some humility in that. And I grew and learned and loved it and experienced way more than I thought I would and so I would 100% recommend it to anyone that is needing or interested in this course
Sarah G.

Bottom line: The training methods we’ve developed here at Results Recruiting work.

It’s why the largest most successful agencies use the principles on which Results Recruiting is built.

Bottom line: The training methods we’ve developed here at Results Recruiting work.

It’s why the largest most successful agencies use the principles on which Results Recruiting is built.

Before Results Recruiting there was not a recruiting course that was designed by a CEO who had actually done recruiting!   

I recruited my first parent when I founded my foster care agency.  I know what it takes to attract, process, and retain families!

Before Results Recruiting there were not any trainings that told you how to create a great recruiting system that would help you gain 20-30% growth, year after year!   

We are talking about net growth. Growth that makes it possible for you to replace parents who leave and bring on new parents!

Without excellent recruiting, will you have enough families… and will you be able to help children with higher needs?

I have also done a lot of research, and I’m talking about 3 years of continually looking for answers that would help my own agency…

From that research I then created 8 steps that transform agencies… and field tested these recruiting methods…

An agency using these methods, had a record-breaking year during COVID-19… They achieved the highest total number of homes ever in their history.

Not having adequate and appropriate placements for children in your area leaves them at risk for childhood homelessness, drug addiction, health issues and a myriad of societal problems!  

We owe it to our communities to recruit top quality families… And to do it as long as there is a need.

Which brings me to why I’m writing you today

One of the biggest challenges that foster care agencies have today is the lack of families.

It’s the one big bottleneck that can keep a great agency from serving children in their community and may lead to the stifling of your agency’s growth.

It is impossible to grow if your recruiter(s) are not trained. 

It’s not just you. I was talking to a colleague who leads a large agency, and their recruiting is almost nonexistent…

This colleague said he knows there are families interested in foster care but for some reason their recruiting isn’t working…

This conversation is one of the reasons why I knew I had to create a fast and effective way for recruiters to learn these necessary skills.

Every agency leader I talk to is in desperate need of top-notch recruiting…like yesterday!

That creates the perfect scenario…

Agency recruiters who come out of this specialized training “win” because they can eliminate that low growth bottleneck that exists in their agency and move to an abundance of families.

The recruiters who are lucky enough to go through this full immersion into the world of recruiting “win” because it will put them squarely on the path of solving a major problem for their agency.

Your recruiter will “win” one of the largest challenges experienced by agencies across the nation… recruiting homes for teens by using the principles presented in this course

There are still many families that are looking for a quality agency

And speaking of families, families still want what they wanted prior to COVID-19 and in a short time you could be capturing their attention.

Which is why we’ve put together this training.

I designed the course so that you could get immediate results and determine your agencies future…

It’s a comprehensive experience where your recruiter will learn how to recruit…  start to finish.

It will be intense and require their full commitment.

But if they can do that…

You will have more new families, and this will happen year after year.

Your recruiter will have full access (24/7) to this program…

Don’t worry, the program is not frightening or overwhelming.

We’ll bring your recruiter from the ground up, step-by step showing them how they can get better results with the same energy they are putting in now.

This is Your Recruiter’s Chance to Experience What It’s Like to Train “In-House” With an Expert in the Field of Recruiting

As I’ve mentioned before this training experience is modeled after what works.

We’ve covered all the bases, so experienced and inexperienced recruiters alike can gain these benefits.

We also offer Recruiter Certification, acknowledging that they have trained among the best and have what it takes to recruit effectively.

What’s more, this is the kind of skill building training that can put your agency on the right track to meet your recruiting goals.

What You Need to Know About Me

My name is Mike Logan, and I have over a quarter of a century of experience in foster care recruiting. More importantly, for you who train recruiters is… I have gained reputation in our industry for my unique ability to turn aspiring, “green” recruiters into seasoned, high level producing recruiters.

I have worked with Mike Logan for 7.5 years and have been able to grow my agency substantially by implementing each module that is offered in this course. Whether you have been recruiting for just one year or several, Mike will give you the information you need to push past the barriers and effectively market/grow your agency.
Robin F.

I am asked regularly to speak at National conferences and to train large and small agencies in recruiting.  

Many of the recruiters that I’ve trained go on to have more responsibility in their agency, because of the principles they have learned… practical principles that help them get results.     

And through this unique and exclusive training experience, your recruiter can participate in the kind of high-level training that has produced some of the most successful recruiters our industry has ever seen.

Let me tell you more about it.

Introducing … Results Recruiting and Certification

Your recruiter will be invited into the recruiting world of Mike Logan and his top recruiters.

Your recruiter will be given the insights that over 25 years of successful recruiting brings.

Your recruiter will be taught how to innovate so that your recruiting always stays dynamic.

Your recruiter will be able to watch the 8 video modules at their convenience and receive pdfs, charts, forms, and instruction that will help them create a strong recruiting platform.

We will take them through every part of what a great recruiting system should look like.

After completion of the 8 modules, your recruiter or you can contact Mike with any questions you may have and get a prompt reply. 

You see, I care that your recruiter will experience the success I have had with recruiting and the success others are having…

The leaders and recruiters who have purchased the Results Recruiting Training Course are from the smallest agencies to mega agencies who have operations in multiple states.

Our experience is that our principles, systems, and ideas add great value to their recruiting.

For your recruiter to become a “seasoned recruiter” they have to begin to think like one…

This is what we have included in Module #1.

After this first initiation, your recruiter will dive into the other modules.

In Module #2 Macro Marketing:

In Module #3 Vital Measurements:

In Module #4 Crafting a Recruiting System:

This course gave me more confidence as a recruiter. It gave me actual tools and practical things to use to get better. It helped me be better at data collection, and how we can use that to our benefit and our growth.
Sarah G.

In Module #5 Core Recruiting Competencies:

Module #6 Planning and Budgeting:

Module #7 Art of Presentation:

Module #8 Movement Mindsets:

By the time your recruiter is done, they will be confident and raring to go, taking and applying the principles and ideas from the Results Recruiting Course.

It’s Time to Leapfrog Your Way to Recruiting Success

Working with one of the leading recruiters in the world is the most effective way to sharpen your recruiters’ skills and boost the number of new families in your agency.

And that’s exactly the opportunity you have here in a condensed 8 module course.

Your recruiter will feel like they have just been hired by a top recruiter and are given the opportunity to be mentored by him.

Your recruiter will learn how to recruit from start to finish, using the methods developed by Mike Logan, a recruiting professional.

Truth be told, this is the kind of “real world experience” that normally can’t be “bought” at any price.

Apart from this course the only way to get access like this would have been to have Mike Logan consult with your recruiter at a high price tag.

How much would you invest to give yourself a pretty good chance at having 10 new families this year, 30 new families this year?   $5,000.00-$40,000.00 a year?

That’s what is at stake here.

And that’s why even a $10,000.00 investment would be a bargain.

But fortunately, the investment in this one-of-a-kind experience won’t be anywhere near that much.  In fact, you won’t even pay $5,000.00.

Remember what you’re getting:

In all, its priceless

This is your chance to get your agency recruiter a complete education and experience to join the ranks of outstanding recruiters.

Even at $2,500.00 this would be a steal (especially when you consider this wasn’t previously available at ANY price, and how quickly you can produce better results than before).

But because Results Recruiting is serious about training a new generation of recruiters… where homes can be created for the future of hurt children in our communities…

You won’t even pay that.

If you enroll today, attendance to this exclusive training is only $499.00.

In most cases, this is about 25% of what it costs now to recruit and process a new family.

And if you get 5-30 new families this year it will be the best investment you could ever make.

Mike and Results Recruiting is COMMITTED to Your Success

Because Mike is putting his reputation on the line in training a new group of recruiters, he is more than committed to seeing you succeed at this.

So, you see…

This is truly a unique opportunity – to not only learn a ton about recruiting…

But also, to have someone with vast experience guide your recruiter and champion their success as well!

Not surprisingly, most great recruiters in our industry were either trained or mentored by a great recruiter.

That’s how they built a solid foundation.

And that is what you get with the Results Recruiting Training Course!

So, I highly recommend you order your course now if you want your agency to have a great recruiter!

As soon as you sign up, your recruiter will get immediate access to the training that will give them a solid foundation on which to build their coming success.

This way, your recruiter can begin their journey right away and start getting the results that could turn them into a superstar.

Simply click the button below to get started!


Mike B. Logan, CEO, Results Recruiting

P.S. This is your chance to have great recruiting in your agency.

Remember – this is the same process that’s taken people from all walks of life; waitresses, admin people, caretakers, social workers-and turned them into recruiters capable of producing new families for their agencies.

We can also help you with multiple licenses at a reduced price!

P.P.S If you’re unsure right now whether this is right for you, we’ve got you covered…

You can “test the waters” with the Results Recruiting Course risk free.

Here’s how it works:

Sign up right now and start to experience the training.

Get a feel for everything you see, and what’s in store for you, and get an idea of what you can expect from the course.

If for any reason you don’t feel this is right for you, no worries…

Just let us know, and you’ll get a full and immediate refund of every penny you’ve paid.

But truthfully, I don’t think that will happen.

This is one of the most impactful things you will ever do for your recruiter.

So, what are you waiting for?

You’ve got nothing to lose…

And great results to gain!

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