I can tell you that spending time with committed foster parents is similar to the experience of being with soldiers who have sacrificed much or the extraordinary parents who have raised a child with severe developmental issues. The sacrifice is great but the peace, sense of meaning and deep joy these parents have is impressive.

People giving where others have given up

I visited a couple on a Sunday afternoon who have given young children a new start. The two little girls placed in their home are a part of our Intensive Treatment Foster Care Program. The children were abused children in in that horrific mistreatment their little minds were damaged. Not much hope was given for them. They had been put in group homes because there weren’t foster parents available where they were who had the training or the ability to handle them.

This loving couple talked about what they do as rising from the motivation of changing kid’s lives. They take great pride in the progress the children in their home are experiencing, and it is this progress that is of utmost importance in their mind. Some may say that it takes special or unique people to do what these parents do, and I agree, but only partially. What this kind of giving and caring requires is people who are able to see past themselves and look with hope into the lives of damaged kids. It takes people who believe that opportunity, safety, care and love will make a difference and at the same time, somehow return meaning and purpose to their own lives.

True healers of our culture

I am honored for being a part of this couple’s life, and I know that what they are doing will have great impact in these children’s lives and on future generations of people. These are the true healers of our culture; parents who give of their time, energy and passion, caring for children who are not their own.

Thank God for those who give to the least of these children. This is truly a spiritual life being lived out.

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