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Marcus M.
Foster Care Recruiter - Arkansas

I think that through the modules and through Mike's coaching, I've learned more about how the things that you do as a recruiter really do matter and doing them well matters. It increased my awareness of the fact that the things that I do actually will have an effect on the kind of results I achieve as a recruiter.


Jennifer B.
Assistant Director- Ontario, Canada

This course has been really helpful for me in understanding recruiting, pulling it apart and fine tuning it specifically for my agency. I’ve enjoyed the open forum that coaching provided for answering questions that are specific to my needs. As we went through each module, I implemented the steps that Mike recommended and now our [recruiting] process just keeps on moving.

Gabi G.
Foster Parent Recruiter - Colorado

Mike’s coaching helped me gain confidence as a recruiter. As someone new to recruiting, this course helped me lay a solid foundation for recruiting & processing families in my agency that didn’t have a lot of structure before.

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Introducing: Results Recruiting Online Training Course

Your Online Training Course Includes:

The Results Recruiting Online Training Course offers hours of wisdom-packed, field-tested guidance on recruiting from a national expert, experienced foster care agency director and a foster-adoptive parent Mike Logan. It’s time to make recruiting easy!

You will learn how to effectively build your recruitment program with engaging content from Mike Logan.

8 Video Modules

11 Explainer Videos

Downloadable Module Outlines & Templates

Foster Parent Tracking Program

On-Demand Access to Past Results Recruiting Webinars

Module 1: Big Picture Thinking - Learn why you need a systematized approach to recruiting foster parents.

You’re in this line of work because you care about the needs of children. But caring doesn’t replace the need for an effective recruitment plan to attract, engage and approve quality parents. With a Recruitment System in place, you’ll easily identify new and existing problems and develop solutions.

You will receive:

  • PDF: Module Outline
  • PDF: Answer the “What, Why, When, Where, How & Who” of your Recruitment System
  • PDF: Identify Your and Your Agency’s “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats”
  • Excel: Assess How Much Time You’re Spending on Recruiting vs Other Tasks

Module 2: Macro Marketing - Understand Marketing as a process that creates connections between your organization and potential foster parents.

Learn what you need to launch successful recruiting campaigns so people in your community get to know you, like you and trust you.

You will receive:

  • PDF: Module Outline
  • PDF: 5 Reasons Why People Want to Become Foster Parents: How to Find Them & What to Say to Them
  • PDF: SEO Glossary
  • PDF: SEO Guide for Foster Agencies
  • PDF: Using Social Media in Foster Care Recruitment
  • PDF: Event Analysis Template
  • Excel: Social Media Planning Calendar
  • Video: Maximizing Events for Recruitment
  • Video: The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing & Referral Incentives

Module 3: Vital Measurements - Learn how to collect, measure and interpret data from all your recruitment efforts.

How well are you attracting parents through your website, advertising, social media and events? It’s time to stop guessing. Decisions that are data-informed get results!


You will receive:

  • PDF: Module Outline
  • Excel: Conversion Ratio Worksheet
  • Excel: Template for Tracking New Inquiries
  • Program: Family Onboarding Process Tracker

Module 4: Crafting a System - See inside a proven 14-step system for processing families from initial contact to child placement.

Are you losing families in the gaps or dead spaces of a poorly defined onboarding process? Adapt this model to fit your Agency’s unique needs and start approving more families today!

You will receive:

  • PDF: Module Outline
  • PDF: 14-Step Onboarding Process Template
  • PDF: Talking to Prospective Foster Parents

Module 5: Core Recruitment Competencies - Learn what key attributes and skills you need to become a better recruiter today.

Any system can fail without the right people. You are the one variable that cannot be replaced with better systems, more data collection, or innovative marketing ideas. If you’re getting stuck, you won’t see many recruiting results.

You will receive:

  • PDF: Module Outline
  • EXCEL: Recruiter Self-Assessment

Module 6: Planning & Budgeting - Walk through a simple, yet effective way to plan, organize and budget your recruiting efforts.

By working off of calendar-based planners, you will be able to identify and manage your marketing initiatives, outreach events and follow-up strategies. Be confident in knowing what you need to be doing today and planning for the future.

You will receive:

  • PDF: Module Outline
  • PDF: Master Planning Guide
  • EXCEL: Budget Planner

Module 7: Art of Presentation - Secure the funding you need for the plans you’ve created

Mike identifies three primary audiences and gives you solid guidance on making presentations to them. This module contains great advice on making presentations to executive leaders and non-profit boards to help you.

You will receive:

  • PDF: Best Practices Guide for PowerPoint
  • VIDEO: Presentations that Get Noticed

Module 8: Movement Mindsets - Developing a growth mindset will help you refocus and move forward toward greater recruitment success!

Do you know where a lot of recruiters get stuck? It’s often inside their own limiting beliefs about where they are and what they can do. Now that you have a recruiting process in place, learn how to continually improve it so you have a steady stream of parents coming into your Agency.

You will receive:

  • PDF: Module Outline