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Experts in foster care family

Experts in foster care family recruitment

When founder of foster care agency Children First Mike Logan cracked the code to family recruitment, many more children, families and the local community all reaped the rewards.

His agency also doubled over five years, becoming the largest in Northern California, and thriving with sustainable growth year on year.

Now Mike is helping other agencies and family recruiters do the same, in the US and around the world.

Through innovative leadership and systems, Mike has unlocked the blueprint for family recruitment.

With a vision to see many more children find happy homes, Mike and his expert team are sharing their knowledge and experience through highly strategic and practical courses and coaching, available anywhere, any time.

Meet the Results Recruiting team

Proven experts in recruiting quality families for foster care.

Mike Logan


Mike is a respected figure within the realm of foster care recruitment and not-for-profit leadership, recognized for his significant contributions to the field.

Demonstrating remarkable social/entrepreneurial skills, Mike has successfully surmounted various systemic challenges and obstacles to establish one of the largest foster family agencies in Northern California from the ground up. His keen insights into market dynamics, competition, and prescient trend analysis have propelled his agency into areas encompassing mental health services, Transitional youth, as well as foster care services.

Mike co-founded an innovative school coaching program that is currently on 40 campuses and growing.

Mike has led philanthropic endeavors aimed at benefiting homeless teenagers across the region. Over 1000 youth have been served and over $100,000.00 has been raised for this service.

His overarching life’s mission revolves around effecting positive change in the lives of others. 

Drawing from a diverse background that includes a rural upbringing in Colorado, service in the Army with assignments at the Pentagon, and leadership in pioneering one of the first hospital-based drug and alcohol treatment programs in Northern California, Mike has accumulated a wealth of educational and practical tools. These tools not only facilitate his own personal and professional growth but also enable him to empower others to achieve success in their personal and professional pursuits.

Mike is a sought-after consultant, offering guidance to professionals in various domains, including clinical therapy, personal fitness, food services, religious non-profits, as well as executive coaches and consultants, seeking his valuable insights and expertise.

Robin Freisheim

Recruiting Coach

Following the principles instilled by Results Recruiting, Robin has acquired the essential expertise required to excel in the realm of family recruitment and has subsequently assumed the role of a coach, imparting her knowledge to fellow recruiters. 

Robin embarked on her journey in the field of recruitment at Children First FFA in 2014, and since then, she has demonstrated a remarkable track record, having successfully recruited and certified hundreds of foster/resource homes to date. Her efforts have created an environment that set retention records for foster/resource parents of well over 95% on a year over year basis.

Through her extensive professional journey and under the mentorship and guidance of industry leader Mike Logan, Robin has amassed a substantial amount of knowledge and proficiency within the foster family and recruitment domain.

Utilizing the skill set, attributes, and systematically structured methodologies adopted by Results Recruiting, Robin consistently drove her agency to significant growth. Many times, she achieved an impressive year-over-year expansion rate of up to 30 percent growth per year.

Furthermore, Robin has cultivated advanced competencies in the realms of marketing and networking. These proficiencies have translated into partnerships and co-branding with prominent national organizations, including Starbucks. These partnerships facilitated extensive fundraising as well as exposure for her agency. Over a span of seven years, Robin’s efforts have contributed to the gifting of nearly 1000 bicycles to foster children across three distinct counties and assisted in raising over $100,000.00 in funds for homeless youth.

Charlotte Andersen

Operations Manager

In 2022, Charlotte joined Results Recruiting, bringing with her extensive experience in foster care agency management and recruitment gained over the past four years while serving as the Executive Assistant to a team of leaders at Children First Foster Care Agency. 

What distinguishes Charlotte is her personal connection to foster care, having grown up within the system and witnessed her grandmother’s devoted service as a foster parent for 30 years. This unique background affords her an exceptional understanding of the intricate needs, challenges, and opportunities within this field.

Under the mentorship and training provided by industry guides Mike Logan and Robin Freisheim. Charlotte is profoundly motivated to facilitate the placement of more young individuals in need within safe and supportive environments by empowering recruiters to expand their capacities in this crucial endeavor.

Nicole Zikan

Operations Assistant

Nicole is a dynamic professional with a passion for creating opportunities and driving change. Armed with a degree in Advertising, she possesses a unique blend of leadership aptitude as well as exceptional communication skills, and strong organizational abilities. Nicole thrives in fast-paced professional settings, where her energy and enthusiasm propel her forward. 

In her most recent role with Results Recruiting, Nicole has harnessed her expertise to spearhead marketing efforts as well as support clients at the highest level.
on. Her dedication stems from a deep-rooted desire to ensure that young individuals have access to the same opportunities that have shaped her own path.

With a keen eye for innovation and a heart dedicated to community betterment, Nicole continues to make a significant impact.

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