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Learn how to
unlock foster parent
recruitment growth
Learn how to unlock foster parent recruitment growth
Get instantly assessed.
It’s free, insightful and takes
less than 15 minutes.
Get instantly assessed. It’s free, insightful and takes less than 15 minutes.
Not having enough
homes is tough.
Not placing kids can
feel hopeless!
Not having enough homes is tough.​
Not placing kids can feel hopeless!
Do something about it!
Change the future of your agency by
becoming excellent at recruiting
Change the future of your agency by becoming excellent at recruiting

Attract, obtain
and retain
foster parents

Learn how to create processes and systems that keep the recruiting engine running.

Grow up to
30% a year

With a plan and Results Recruiting tools, you can make the hard easy.


Steady flow
of inquiries

Results Recruiting can teach you techniques to build a steady flow of inquiries.

We understand how difficult
recruiting foster homes can be!

Before Results Recruiting there wasn’t any professional training for recruiters.

In fact, 80% of recruiters that take our course have reported that they have not been trained or mentored.

Results Recruiting was created just for YOU!


Unlock growth with our
course modules and coaching

Unlock growth with our course modules and coaching

Big Picture

Learn why you need a systemized approach to recruiting foster parents.

[read more] You’re in this line of work because you care about the needs of children. But caring doesn’t replace the need for an effective recruitment plan to attract, engage, and approve quality parents.[/read]


This module will help you understand marketing as a process that creates connections  between your organization and potential foster parents.

[read more] Learn what you need to launch successful recruiting campaigns so people in your community get to know you, like you and trust you. [/read]


Learn how to collect, measure, and interpret data from all your recruitment efforts.

[read more] How well are you attracting parents through your website, advertising, social media, and events? It’s time to stop guessing. Decisions that are data-informed get results! [/read]

Crafting a

Are you losing families in the gaps of a poorly defined recruitment/ onboarding process?

[read more]See inside a proven 14-step system for processing families from initial contact to child placement. Adapt this model to fit your agency’s unique needs and start approving more families today! [/read]

Core Recruiting

Any system can fail without the right people. You are the one variable that cannot be replaced with better systems, more data collection, or innovative marketing ideas.

[read more] If you’re getting stuck, you won’t have recruiting results. We’ll help you learn what key attributes and skills you need to become a better recruiter today. [/read]

Planning &

We will walk you through a simple, yet effective way to plan, organize, and budget your recruiting  efforts.

[read more]By working off of calendar-based planners, you will be able to identify and manage your marketing initiatives, outreach events, and follow-up strategies. Become confident in knowing what you need to be doing today and planning for the future. [/read]

Art of

Mike identifies three primary audiences and gives you solid guidance on making presentations to them.

[read more]This module contains great advice on making presentations to executive leaders and non-profit boards to help you secure the funding you need for the plans you’ve created. [/read]


Do you know where a lot of recruiters get stuck? It’s often inside their own limiting beliefs about  where they are and what they can do.

[read more] Developing a growth mindset will help you refocus and move forward toward greater recruitment success! Now that you have a recruiting process in place, learn how to continually improve it so you have a steady stream of parents coming into your agency. [/read]

Voices of Transformation

Voices of Transformation


Find the right plan.



Get individual access to the training and tools to unlock family recruitments



Get individual access to the training and tools to unlock family recruitments growth for up to 5 team members



Get individual access to the training and tools to unlock family recruitments growth for up to 10 team members
Not sure which package suits you? Need a custom package?
Your Path to Success

In 3 Easy steps

Choose your plan

Choose your plan

Purchase the course

Purchase the course

Create homes
for foster

Create homes
for foster

Do you ever
wonder how well
you recruit?

Do you ever wonder how well you recruit?

Take our Recruiting Assessment

Tailored for foster home recruitment agencies, this assessment identifies the eight vital recruitment areas that you must address to get great results. Discover strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement, and ignite your journey to success

It takes less than 15 minutes to complete.


Get to know
Results Recruiting

Results Recruiting is founded by Mike Logan, the founder and CEO of a large foster family agency in Northern California, Children First.

Through innovative leadership and systems, Mike has unlocked the blueprint for family recruitment. Now he is sought by other agencies and recruiters across the United States and the world for his recruitment insights.

With a vision to see many more children find appropriate homes, Mike and his expert team are sharing their knowledge and experience through highly strategic and practical courses and coaching, available anywhere, any time.

The latest insights in
family recruitment



Here’s a game changing opportunity: Could this be your moment to shine? Are you getting more families each month or growing by 30% every year? If you don’t have a good way to bring in new families, you’re making things harder than they need to be. Try the Results Recruiting proven process, and you’ll see amazing changes happen. Take action now and make your dreams come true -the proven way.
Results Recruiting is the go-to tool in the industry, all set for you. No need for trial and error – everything’s right here. In a changing world, not moving forward means falling behind. Let us guide you in mastering strategic growth. Say hello to Results Recruiting – where new ideas thrive. Ready for a fresh start? Go ahead and make the change today.

Recruiting families can be expensive – sometimes thousands. But what if you could save money while getting more foster parents? Think about using a tool that gives you quick results and sets the stage for long-term success. With the Results Recruiting system, just adding one more family each month or up to 30% every year means saving a lot of money and making more. Grab the chance and set yourself up for success today.

Start a journey to simpler learning with our video course. It makes learning easy and practical. Change the way you do things and get results faster. Don’t waste time – get your course now.

Boost your learning with our video course, plus three coaching sessions, monthly discussions, and a VIP Facebook group. We blend theory and hands-on learning to make it easier. Ready for a change? Get practical knowledge now.

We recommend that you focus on these points to communicate the value of the Results Recruiting Program: 

  • Training designed by agency leaders and recruiters 
  • Eliminates the need for trial and error 
  • Provides training for recruiters that was never available before 
  • Streamlines the expensive recruiting process – reducing expenses for your agency 
  • Proven to deliver effective results 
  • Video learning and coaching by professionals 
  • Focuses on long-term outcomes, not just short-term gains 
Certainly! Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to have a conversation regarding the size of your team and the number of locations involved. This will enable us to tailor a solution and logistics that align perfectly with your requirements. Following this, we will establish the most suitable pricing structure. We want to make sure we meet all your unique needs, including any additional aspects your agency might wish to explore. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.
Schedule a time.
Of course! Talk to one of our representatives and we’ll make a custom plan that works  for your agency.
Schedule a time.
Absolutely! We’re ready to offer consultations for special situations, continuous guidance, solving issues, and making strategic plans. We’re also available for ongoing consultations.
Schedule a time.

For Group and Premium plans: Yes, Group and Premium plans can be transferred to new participants.

For Individual plans: Individual plans can be transferred 1 time with 12 months of purchase.

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